Nintendo 3DS

Got the 3DS in aqua today; was a bit surprised that it’s more turquoise than I thought it would be. The shimmer gloss effect is beautiful though – if I got a black one I’d really never need to bring a mirror with me ever again. The lineup for it was disappointing; probably because I had it preordered, lining up with my mom for the iPad 2 was a lot more interesting.

Onto pictures, I guess!

The box is really nice. Not as simple as the dsi / dslite ones, but still impressive.

Looks a lot bluer with my SLR than it does in real life. ouo; If it were that blue IRL I’d totally get it in a heartbeat. Same if it were that bright red. Hnnng <3~

Here’s all the stuff which was included, from top left corner going clockwise: 3ds Operations manual (329 pages!), Quick Start Guide (x 3; English, French, Spanish), Mii Plaza Instructions ( x 3; English, French, Spanish), Nintendo Power Subscription Card, 3DS (Aqua), 3DS charging cradle, AR Games card pack (used for built-in AR games application), DS charger (same one as DSi / DSiXL), Club Nintendo Registration Card.

Here’s the 3DS itself sitting in the cradle; again, a lot bluer in pictures than in real life. It comes with a 2GB SD card (already inserted into the console because when you start up some things, it auto-installs onto the card) which is great. Not sure what to do with the one I got for my dsi now, though.

The console startup and apps launch a lot slower than the ones on the DSi – when I first turned it on, I thought it was out of battery because it took a couple of seconds for the startup screen to show. Some of the apps also continue to run in the background if you were to press the home button (it’s a physical button; and speaking of the home button, I like the positioning of the three down at the bottom. The buttons are wider than on the DSi so it’s easier to press). The joystick is rubbery which is a shame, I liked the hard plastic ones from the PSP so I’m not expecting that to stay white for very long.

Pressing the power button will launch a screen that gives you the option of sleep mode or power off. The good thing about sleep mode is that the 3DS will double as a pedometer (if you really want it to, I guess) and count all your steps. Not sure how long the 3DS will last in sleep though.

The positioning of the power, charging, streetpass and wireless lights are scattered all over the place and I’m not really sure if I like that. On one hand, the power and charging lights are in a laptop-like position while the wireless is on the right side (with a wireless switch to turn it on/off). Finally, the streetpass light is on the top by the hinge. It turns on when it detects someone else with a 3ds, I suppose.

The headphone jack got moved to the middle of the console; I sort of liked it on the side because of my headphone type. The volume buttons got moved from the right to the left side (with positions swapped with the SD card slot which is now at the front) which is a little too far for my liking. It’s also the slider type compared to the DSi’s click buttons.

The stylus is now moved to the top of the console; next to the game slot instead of the side. It’s a retractable metal one which is about 2/3s the length of the ones from the DSlite/DSi. The box doesn’t come with a spare, but the stylus clicks into the console a lot better than it does for the other DSes, so it won’t be as easy to lose it. I sorta liked the plastic ones though, especially since I bought a crapload of rainbow coloured ones a couple weeks ago that now won’t fit into the console.

The 3d mode is fairly impressive. The function controlling the 3D part of the top screen is also a slider; you can control the “intensity” of the 3d..ness and also controls the 3D cameras that are on the top of the console. The sliders can also be accessed when the console is closed, but I’m not sure why you’d ever need to tinker with the slider at that time. The other camera is at the top of the screen instead of on the hinge so it’s more like a laptop.

It’s hard to see because the SLR camera only has one “eye”, but you can tell that it’s 3D because of the double image. Unfortunately, using that function gives me a slight headache and strainss my eyes a but so I can’t keep it on. Perhaps I have to get used to it, but I won’t have any 3D games until at least June (Devil Survivor Overclocked!) so it’s not that big of a deal for me.

To end: I think the 3DS looks like a makeup case. My mom agrees.

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