Fan Expo 2011

Fan Expo 2011

August 25 – 28, MTCC, South Building.

Better than last year. Somewhat.

Magnet Gakupo and Len

Not much really happened, since it is just Fan Expo, but I’ll try to report anyway. Mainly because I took some fantastic pictures.


It’s my first time in the Intercontinental Hotel , as I usually just hang out with friends at the convention itself. The con started on Thursday though, so it’s a little different this year. The room I crashed in was on the 19th floor, so the view was pretty nice. The room itself is pretty nice too actually, with a full length mirror hidden in a closet and fairly comfortable beds. The only thing that could’ve made it any better is if there was free wifi. Spent most of my time there chatting with people (like TorakoHime) instead wandering around the con.

As for the con itself: Didn’t go to any of the panels, as usual. The dealer’s room was a lot better this year, but still slightly cramped. A friend of mine, Rin had a booth there and was selling figures, doujins and CDs, which is pretty much why I bothered to go into the dealer’s in the first place.

My camera was a little finicky that day (I realised Saturday morning why – I’d been shooting in the wrong mode!) so some of the pictures I took, especially the ones indoors, ended up being quite awful. Those didn’t make it past my after-screening, so they won’t be here, of course.

Torakohime looking like a boss with a Gin&Tonic

Some Vocaloid cosplays; Rin (as Len) and an awesome Piko who actually had a cosplay that lit up

KakeraのTsuki and her impromptu Vocaloid cosplay group. This is actually one of my favourite photos of the day.

 Yuki as Katherine –  My other favourite photo of the day| Myself as Catherine


Realised my camera problems and got to fixing them. I took two test shots with new settings of my dolls before I headed downtown.

My two larger dolls, Chronos and Dia.

Ended up going to the Eaton Centre in the morning for headphones and tonic water instead of the convention. Came back and had a party with a bunch of people in the hotel, and then things got a bit crazy.

Coco and Yuki after (I think it was) a rum shot.

Tubby after a couple lot of drinks.

Eventually it wore off and Yuki and I went out to the con for a little while. EB Games (Gamestop) was there selling some of their games, and we couldn’t help but go take some pictures.

Katherine.. and Catherine. With respective boxes.

I tried to make a heart with my hands while holding the box; I failed.

I thought she was a Female Cast from Phantasy Star at first! Is she?


Sorta helped friends check out and set up a base camp in the North building of the convention centre. We hung around there for the most  part. Eventually Yuki and I went into the dealers again, and this time I actually bought stuff – a Queen of Arts artbook (for Maggi’s Granado Espada drawings!) and a Moyashimon Oryzae charm. The person who made the charm actually works at Niwatei, that was a surprise. The charm is really well made – there’s wire in each of the Oryzae’s antenna so they don’t snap off if I were to run into anything. The markings on its eyes and face were drawn in with ink and a fountain pen.

Crappy snapshot of the artbook cover, I was originally attracted by it and actually didn’t realise Maggi’s art was in it.


It’s… been a different experience. I tried a few new things and did things differently this time around. At a convention where I’d usually curse the price (and the lineups!), this time, I did neither. At a convention where I’d lobby it out (pretty much just sit in a paid area of the convention) with my friends and find some way or another to get into it (while cursing the price and the lineup), this time we all hung out in a hotel room instead. The organization of the convention (traffic-wise, mainly) has greatly improved, but I’m assuming that’s because of the multiple lawsuits that were threatened against Hobbysearch last year because of the clusterfuck lineup fiasco. This year, there was barely any line at all, and if there was, the amount of people could be counted on one hand.

There was its bad moment though – I’ll be generous and call it confusion, or rather, overly cautious security asking me for a room key as proof to let me through to the skywalk. It was quickly remedied though, in the form of a giant flood of people all heading in the same direction, you guessed it, to the skywalk.

What can I say? Fan Expo’s given me a glimmer of hope. Maybe there really is a chance that it can improve (more than it has), since it really had been going downhill since 2009 when I first started actually going to the con – I had been there once before that, but only for a couple of hours because of a panel. It left me with a sour impression of the convention, which never really went away. Instead, it worsened over time as re-entries got worse and worse as the years went by- that is, until this year.

Most likely I’ll give Fan Expo another go. The amount and quality of cosplays have improved, and I feel like it’s also my turn to step up my game.

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4 Responses to Fan Expo 2011

  1. Found your blog looking for updates on fanexpo. I didn’t get to go this year, but was there last year and was one of the people locked out for several hours, in 2010 it was the worst convention I had ever been too. People were being pushed around by security, and you could barely walk, I am glad to see things have improved significantly from last year.

    • says:

      Sorry for the late reply!
      Luckily last year my friends and I found the side entrance fairly soon and managed to slip in and out easily. The longest we had to wait was about 5 to 10 minutes Sunday morning so we could change into our cosplays, though we were advised when we wanted to go out for lunch that we’d probably not be able to get in again for the next hour or so, our side of the lines were tolerable. I can’t say the same for the inside, because I agree, you could barely walk. Then again, the South Building is bigger than the North.

      I’d expected improvements though; I mean, from all the demands for refunds, complaint emails, phonecalls, lawsuit threats and whatnot, how couldn’t they improve? Of course, there’s more they could have done, but since the convention’s been going downhill since 2009, it’s a start.

  2. Jay says:

    Hey Joyce, if you didn’t know already, there’s a new survival project private server. Hope to see you there =D.

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