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Fan Expo 2011

Fan Expo 2011 August 25 – 28, MTCC, South Building. Better than last year. Somewhat. Magnet Gakupo and Len Advertisements

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Centre Island 2011

Centre Island Picnic – June 24, 2011 Got to test new camera. A lot of photos ended up blurry since I’m not used to manual lens. Less shoot-like pictures and more crack.

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Kariya Park 2011

Kariya Park’s (info here) meet usually takes place in the spring, after finals. Went pretty much just to take photos of Yuki; these are my personal favourites (now with thumbnails!):

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Con-G 2011 [Image heavy!]

Con-G (AKA Congee) is a convention that takes place during (either before or after) Reading Week in Guelph. Last year it was located at the Best Western hotel; this year at the Holiday Inn. The hotel is pretty cool, there’s … Continue reading

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